New Year, New Goals, Fun Facts

Well…turns out having a second child really threw a wrench into my goal of blogging at least once a month. It has been ten-ish months since I last posted anything! On the bright side, ten months in and I think I am finally starting to get into a groove with the boys and life. Quick update on my cuties, Joshua is 10 months now. It took him awhile to get used to the outside world. He has (and still has) some struggles but he is a happy stubborn and (finally) growing baby that says ‘Hi dada.” Benaiah is 2! He is strong, strong-willed, creative, chatty, loves sports and has the best laugh.

Since I have not blogged since yesteryear, I thought it would be fun to post a “facts about me” blog. So, without further ado, I present 10 Fun Facts about Megan Lallier.

  • I love Jesus! My biggest prayer is that this is evident in all that I say and do and that these fumbling posts bring Him glory. I started following Jesus when I was five and never looked back. I have tripped and stumbled along the way but my heart’s desire is to know Him more, follow Him all of my days and tell others about Him. If you do not know Jesus and want to get to know Him better, I would start with talking to a friend who knows Him or read the book of John in the bible (or even better do both!)
  • My favorite overall movie is The Wizard of Oz. I watch it several times a year. I also watched it with the Spokane Symphony live playing the soundtrack which was incredible. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Fun side note, I can actually quote the opening monologue to Beauty and the Beast.
  • I love live theater. In line with my favorite movie, my favorite theater production is Wicked (followed closely by Guys and Dolls or Phantom of the Opera.) There is something magical that happens in live theater. The audience, the orchestra, the performance all come together and draw me into the story line as it unfolds across the stage.
  • I am super passionate about marriages. It may sound like an odd thing to be passionate about but I believe God places in everyone something that causes them to want to weep or pound the table when they think or talk about it, and marriage is that for me. I started listening to marriage sermons/radio shows and reading books on marriage since I was a young teenager. I don’t know if it is because I grew up in a divorced home and have marital brokenness woven throughout my family, or if God placed that heart cry in my soul just because but I have always wanted to know everything I could on how God views marriage, the plans He has, what its purpose is, and how can I help others.
  • I have read every book written by Dee Henderson and actually have re-read them a few times. If you have never heard of her, she is a Christian Fiction author. I love her style of storytelling. She has a unique balance of telling a compelling suspenseful story, yet weaving in some good but hard truths about Christ. One of my favorite quotes from her book Taken is, “God decided to create a world where free will was more important than no one getting hurt. There must be something stunningly beautiful and remarkable about free will that only God can truly grasp, because God hates, literally abhors, evil, yet He created a world where evil could happen if people choose it.” Also, second fun side note- I used a quote from her book The Healer on Nick and I’s wedding invitations. The quote was “In my mind where my thoughts reside, in my heart where my emotions live and in my soul where dreams are born, I love you.”
  • I knew when I was a child I was supposed to be a mom and a pastor’s wife. I always struggled when people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up. Being a wife and mom is not really a promoted career path- more and more it is seen as something that some people do in addition to their real career. I always wanted my “real career” to be my family, raising my children and helping my husband with ministry. Honestly though, when I was younger it was easier to simply tell people I wanted to be a teacher. Teaching did not work out and I am grateful. I am so blessed to be able to be a mom and be in ministry with Nick. I always knew this is where I was headed, although I wish I could have boldly and proudly owned that when I was younger.
  • Nick and I planned our wedding before we were engaged. We actually had the date set and the church reserved before he ever actually officially proposed. Who says there is a certain order that things have to be done in?
  • I am incredibly gifted at being average. I have always wanted to be talented in some way, to be able to sing, or paint, play a sport or speak eloquently. I can sometimes sing on key, I can paint generally identifiably objects, I have the heart of an athlete with none of the skill set to back it up and I (with much practice) can communicate with few stumbles to a group. It used to bother me that I did not really excel in any particular area but I was once told that my struggles, my averageness is what God uses to help make me approachable and help people not feel intimidated or feel the need to compete. It is my heart’s prayer that this would be and stay true.
  • I spent a month in Europe. My senior year in college I completed a study abroad class for the month of January. I spent a week in London, a week in York and a week in Edinburgh. I discovered I am not at all a “big city” person. I have no need to go back to London. I am glad I visited, saw the sites but I have no need to revisit. I would, however, go back to Scotland in a heartbeat. Scotland is an introvert’s dream!
  • I am an Enneagram 9. I do not completely understand the wing thing so I am unable to tell you what wing I am but I do strongly relate to the descriptions of a 9. I can be passive and passive aggressive. I run from conflict and hate tension. I usually go along with what other people want yet I hate being told what to do. I am a slow processor and often need a lot of space and patience in a conversation to process my thoughts and contribute what I’m thinking. I can be empathetic, helpful, and understanding. And finally, in most group settings I usually have something to contribute but interjecting stresses me out so I either wait for a long pause or keep it to myself. Very nine-ish so I am told! If you know the wing part of the enneagram feel free to help me understand it.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and if you have questions just ask.

Much love,

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