4-weeks and 15 months

Hello friends, family and stumblers across the blog! It has been a little since my last update and while life in quarantine has not produced too many new adventures for our family, a few exciting occurrences are just around the corner. Benaiah is now 15 months and I am officially on the 4-week countdown to Joshua’s due date. Life is an interesting combination of fast and slow these days. In some ways I cannot believe that Benaiah is already so old but in other ways I cannot understand how it is still Friday and each day sometimes feels three days long.

Benaiah is quite the little character. He is stubborn, opinionated, loving, friendly, energetic, inquisitive and constantly cracking me up. He gets impossibly grumpy when he is tired. He loves to figure out how things (anything) works. He prefers to wake up at 6am no matter what time he went to bed. He loves watching construction trucks, garbage trucks and trains. He would live outside if I would let him and he adores finding the perfect rock and stick to play with each time he is outside. I love how he brings Nick his work shoes in the morning and is mad at me for a solid 10 minutes if we do not take Nick to work. He has to pull off every book on the top shelf in the mornings and when we read a story we have to read it a minimum of 3 times (if we get through the whole book). I love watching him explore nature and delight in such simple things. He does not need much to make him happy as long as we let him be outside. I also love when I ask him where his brother is, he runs to my tummy and pats it. I know he does not understand what I mean but I love that he does it.

Speaking of Joshua, he seems to be growing well and staying right on track. He is just as active as Benaiah was, gives me just as much heartburn and has the hiccups just as frequently. We had a measurement ultrasound for him today and he is already 6lb 1oz! On a side note of prayer, they noticed the fluid around Joshua was a little low so I’m going back in a week to be rechecked and hopefully if I do better with my water intake, everything will be looking great. If it is still low, it could be a sign that my placenta is getting tired and we may have to make some decisions. I am choosing to focus on the positive and drinking water as I type this now!

God is on the move in the Lallier family, what that exactly means we still have not the slightest idea. We have settled in at Valleypoint church and while virtual services make it a bit more challenging to make new connections and get to know people, we are enjoying finding our footing. God is growing me in a large way as I was asked to help take over the preschool ministry. It’s mostly administration tasks which I love but it is a whole new world for me and is leading to a lot of prayer for wisdom and inspiration. God has been so good to us during this time. While Nick has been furloughed at his current job, God provided other work opportunities for him and continues to meet our needs. While there are many things about coronavirus land I am not a fan of, I have appreciated the slower pace of life and I am attempting to reinforce good old habits and instill new ones in place of less than best habits.

I know the world looks crazy and life can feel overwhelming, off balance, out of control right now but what we see is not all that there is. God sees you, He is with you even in the hard and the mess. You do not have to walk this alone. One of my favorite verses is 1 Peter 5:6-7 and I love the JB Philips translation. It says: “So humble yourselves under God’s strong hand, and in his own good time he will lift you up. You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon Him, for you are His personal concern.” I do not know what tomorrow holds for the Lallier family and I do not know what tomorrow holds for you but I know who I can trust with tomorrow. If you need some help or encouragement today, or a listening ear-you know where to find me. 

Much love,

One thought on “4-weeks and 15 months

  1. Great update my friend! Hope you are all doing well, anxiously awaiting Mr. Joshua’s arrival! We love & miss you lots!!


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