Lallier Life Updates

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since I last posted. I even wrestled briefly with ending my blog as I was unsure if I could really commit to it. However, after some prayer and planning, I am ready to get back into the blog game and think I’ve finally settled into some sense of routine. So much has happened to our little family that I want to catch you all up on the whirlwind Lallier Adventures!

First big news that you may or may not know, Baby Lallier #2 is on the way and making a big debut end of June! We found out the exciting news and announced it to our families the end of October. Nick and I are thrilled to be expanding our family. I was hoping to have our kids close together and this time around it worked out! Benaiah is currently clueless to the matter but is starting to notice he does not sit as well in mommy’s lap.


Speaking of Benaiah, we went from learning to crawl to learning to walk to attempting to run in a very small time frame. He is so proud of his accomplishments and loves showing them off. Currently he looks like a little t-rex when he’s “running” which I find adorable. Benaiah has tried a lot of new activities! He had his first carousel ride, went to the pumpkin patch, dressed up for hallowed for the first time, had his first Thanksgiving and Christmas, had his first sleepovers with his grandmas, first trip to the Oregon Coast and went to an aquarium for the first time. For those of you who enjoy knowing such thing, he is up to a three tooth smile and is very close to having his top two teeth come in. Also, we are getting ready to celebrate his first birthday and are planning to announce the gender of Baby Lallier #2 on party day so stay tuned for a new blog post late next week.


As for exciting family news, we finally have our own place! When we first moved back to Spokane, my mom graciously allowed us to stay with her for a few months while Nick figured out his employment situation. God graciously allowed us to find an open and affordable apartment the weekend of Thanksgiving so (with much help) we were able to move in and celebrate Benaiah’s first Christmas in our own place! Watching Benaiah celebrate the holidays with friends and family and seeing him get to know his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents continually confirms for Nick and I that we made the right choice in moving back. The decision was hard and had some hard consequences but the fruit from the decision has been such a blessing!

IMG_2386In pregnancy news, I am doing much better with pregnancy the second time around. I was still unfathomably sick for the first trimester and had a few hospital visits but the second trimester has been glorious! I finally understand why some people enjoy being pregnant. The time is moving much faster this time around as well. With Benaiah I felt like I was pregnant for 1000 years but this time I’m already over halfway and feel like we just found out. Baby Lallier is growing well and everything is progressing nicely so far. Nick and I are still debating names but hopefully will land on one before the baby arrives. 

IMG_1958Nick and I are so grateful to all of you who consider us friends and family. These months of transition have been a whirlwind and we deeply appreciate your grace, patience, love and encouragement as we have been working and praying through what God is doing in our lives. We think we are gaining steadier footing on the path he’s been leading us down and are hoping for some clarity in the upcoming months. Your prayers for wisdom and discernment are still needed and appreciated! We know God is at work in the good, the bad and the ugly. I am so grateful that His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in our weakness. 2020 is just getting starting but great things lay ahead!

Much love, 



One thought on “Lallier Life Updates

  1. Love this updated blog, although I think I knew all you shared, but LOVED seeing all the great family photos!! Can’t wait to celebrate Little B next weekend for his first birthday!! We love you all!


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